Building a Sales Playbook Learning Program


Accelerating the adoption of sales playbooks

Find out

How to structure learning to address the key areas of proposition knowledge sales people need
How to design and run the required hands-on workshop sessions
What a two-day accelerated learning program (for classroom and video call delivery) looks like
How to get sales people making calls within a couple of days - using the new information in a playbook

BPM Expertise

We work with companies to develop learning programs that get sales people hands on and using playbooks more quickly and effectively.

Based on what we’ve learned from years of doing this, we’ve just published a Guide on how to structure and deliver a training program for the roll-out of a new sales playbook.

Download the Sales Playbook Learning How to Guide

Get practical advice and tips on how to develop a learning program that gets people hands on and using new sales playbooks.

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