Expert Facilitators, a Unique approach & Tools to Power Messaging & Sales Enablement

At the heart of our approach is the development of a common messaging framework to drive go-to-market activities for your proposition, across both Marketing and Sales.


How We Help

We bring process and structure to the development of customer insights and persona-oriented messages that power marketing and sales.

Messaging Frameworks

Before BPM tackles any project to produce collateral, build sales tools or develop learning programs, we first work with your subject matter experts to create a coherent framework of insights and messages to power go-to-market efforts.

These Messaging Frameworks ensure consistency in what is communicated in marketing materials, sales tools, and learning programs across:

  • Market context and drivers
  • Target segments & personas insights
  • Elevator pitches
  • Top of mind business issues and impacts for customers face
  • Company, product, and service capabilities
  • Value messages by segment and persona
  • Top points of differentiation

Structured Methodology

A perennial challenge is messaging that is too product oriented. Our Proposition Mapping™ process enables the creation of value messages with a laser focus on the challenges different personas face.

We explore and validate customer challenges and opportunities with structured, qualitative customer interviews.

Message Development App

The BPM Messaging Workbench™ is a unique software application for the development of go-to-market insights and messages. It enables us to work with your subject matter experts to capture and share ideas in workshops and video call sessions.

The workbench ensures that inputs can be gathered from the best minds across the business, accurately and efficiently.

Experts from Marketing, Sales & Learning

We have a team of specialists with in-depth expertise and a track record of success in strategic marketing and messaging, sales enablement, and learning development.

Our seasoned consultants are skilled in workshop facilitation – ensuring a structured process is followed and everyone gets the opportunity to contribute.