Equip salespeople with the insights and messages to win

Without knowledge on customers and their challenges, salespeople don’t have the confidence to engage customers around their business issues. Getting from product materials to sales-ready content and playbooks is the key to a successful go-to-market. At BPM, we build playbooks to deliver this information to sales when and where they need it.


Problems we solve

Equipping salespeople with the knowledge to have value-based conversations
Ramping up salespeople takes too long, adding months to the time it takes to deliver quota
Difficulty directing the conversation to where you are strong and differentiated versus your competitor

Why BPM for Sales Playbooks

Why BPM for Sales Playbooks

BPM develops content and builds sales playbooks that are easy to navigate, provide sales-ready insights and messages to communicate to customers – in fact, everything a sales person needs to start selling your proposition:

  • Get ready – market context and drivers
  • Where to prospect – segments & personas
  • Conversation openers
  • Positioning the proposition – elevator, core value props and differentiation
  • Qualifying questions – to further engage a prospect and evaluate whether they are a good fit
  • Objection handling guidance
  • Proposition Map in one page – customer challenges and the capability & value delivered

Sales Playbook Templates & Formats

We’ve developed best practice B2B playbooks together with the expertise to capture customer insights and develop written and video playbook content.
Playbook can be delivered as traditional PDFs, interactive SCORM packages for learning management systems, or as guided selling tools.

Competitor Knock-Out Guides

Our guides help salespeople direct the discussion with customers to where you are strong and differentiated versus your competitor.

  • Factual information about the competitor and their strengths vs yours
  • Myth busting where the competitor’s claims don’t stand up
  • Knock-out conversations