Developing Customer-Centric Value Propositions to Power Sales Tools & Go-to-Market Campaigns

  • Clarivate Analytics
  • Insights and analytics to accelerate the pace of innovation
  • Targeting universities, funding organizations, publishers, corporations, government organizations and law firms


Clarivate had introduced a new, holistic way to think about customers and their business activities. The challenge was to drill down to the different personas (decision makers, influencers, and product users) served by the Business in each customer segment and develop customer-centric value propositions.


Expert consultants from BPM worked with key stakeholders across Clarivate to develop a customer segmentation and persona framework for the Business.

The BPM Proposition Mapping™ approach brought teams together from product management, sales and marketing using a structured methodology and workshop sessions.

Content for go-to-market campaigns was created consisting of insights into markets, customers and personas mapped to product value propositions and points of differentiation.


  • Drives customer-centric thinking across marketing and sales teams
  • Delivers insights and sales tools to power new sales