Messaging & Sales Enablement Resource Center

Explore our recent resources on best practices for developing compelling messaging and equipping sales teams for success.


Sales Playbook Activation – Building a learning program

You can’t simply load a sales playbook for a new product or proposition onto the company sales portal and expect people to download and start using it. To drive rapid adoption, you will need to roll-out some sort of learning intervention. This guide provides guidance on how do you build a learning program to get people using a new sales playbook.


11 Step Guide to Messaging

The key to messaging success is getting access to the customer insights that lie inside the heads of subject matter experts within your firm. The 11 Step Guide from BPM provides a proven methodology for capturing customer insights and developing great messaging.


Developing Personas for Enterprise B2B Companies

Based on over a decade working with enterprise B2B companies, developing Persona based resources, we’ve developed a best practice approach and templates for people to use to gather and share Persona content with salespeople.


Designing Sales Playbooks that Help Salespeople Win Deals

In this practical guide you will find guidance on how to structure and create sales playbooks that salespeople turn to week in, week out – to get ideas, insights, questions to ask, and proposition messages that help them move opportunities through the sales process.


Take a Look at the Future of Sales Playbooks

Sales Playbooks are really valuable tools but are typically delivered as PDF’s with lots of text that’s hard to navigate, making it difficult for salespeople to find what they need. Also there’s no interactivity or video content, so salespeople are less likely to engage. Take a look at how BPM is reimaging Sales Playbook’s as digital, interactive resources.

Digital Sales Enablement White Paper

This white paper examines how digital technologies can be turned to the salesperson’s advantage, by equipping them to have more compelling conversations with customers – resetting the buyer/seller balance of power in a world where so much information is available on the web.


Scaling Case Study Programs

Everyone recognizes the importance of Case Studies. Providing an in-depth explanation of your customer’s strategy, the challenges they were facing, and the value your product or service delivered to them is very compelling to buyers. Find out how to how to build a world-class case study program.


Financial Services Go-to-Market Guide

Financial Services markets provide tremendous opportunities, but the industry is complex and requires a detailed understanding of target organizations and personas. This go-to-market guide provides valuable insights into Financial Services sectors such as asset management, brokerage, capital markets, venues, wealth & financial advisory, retail banking, and insurance.


Using Value to Win the Annual Price Increase

For many businesses, the Price Increase typically represents a significant portion of revenue targets for the year. Account Managers are expected to provide great service, cross sell, upsell, maximize usage and deliver the annual price increase. This guide discusses the importance of using value-based arguments to win the price increase.


Elevate your Business Messaging Workshop

Everyone wants their sales teams to have business issue and value led conversations with customers, but generic skills training often fails to deliver results. Elevate your Business Messaging is a half day intervention designed to be customized for your company and then dropped into your planned SKO or run as a separate workshop.