Paul Geraghty

Managing Director

Seasoned executive with more than 25 years of experience in product management, sales, and marketing. Prior to joining BPM in 2011, he held several leadership roles at Refinitiv (formerly Thomson Reuters) in London, Chicago, Palo Alto, and New York.

Phil Chew

VP, Sales Enablement & Learning Programs

After a successful career in sales and sales management, Phil moved into sales training and sales enablement. His experience in the past 20 years includes designing, leading, and delivering global sales training and sales management programs.

Martin Dean

VP, Learning, Sales Enablement & Multimedia Content

Heading up content development for BPM, Martin Dean brings 25 years’ experience in multimedia production and learning design, including all aspects of interactive program development, video production and live events.

Paul Watson

CTO & Founder

Paul Watson has 25 years’ experience of business software development and has led development teams on a range of commercial software product programs.

Robin Griffiths

Head of Strategy & Founder

Robin is an expert in insight-based selling and messaging development. He has developed programs for some of the world’s leading companies to equip salespeople with the knowledge they need on customers and propositions to be more successful.