BPM launches Messaging Workbench™ tool for developing customer insights and value propositions


LONDON, UK – May 24, 2023BPM Works, the B2B messaging and sales enablement services company, today launched its latest Messaging Workbench™ tool designed for working with subject matter experts in multiple locations to develop insights and value propositions. The workbench ensures that inputs can be gathered from the best minds across the business, accurately and efficiently.

As more and more companies look to operate virtually, they face challenges in engaging subject matter experts from across the business based in different locations. The Messaging Workbench is designed to capture, organize and share insights from in-person workshops as well as video call sessions – speeding up the development of messaging and sales playbooks.

Paul Geraghty, Managing Director of BPM commented, “BPM was founded 20 years ago on the principle of introducing more process and efficiency into the development of customer insights and compelling messages to take products to market. The Messaging Workbench together with our Proposition Mapping™ methodology, has been central to our success in engaging with subject matter experts across client organizations, to produce playbooks that get used and deliver real value. The latest investment in the Workbench has extended its capabilities to make it even easier to work simultaneously with people in multiple locations.”

About BPM Works
BPM works with people across your business to capture deep customer insights and develop compelling messages to take B2B propositions to market. Our sales playbooks deliver this information to sales teams when and where they need it, supported by proposition specific learning programs. Our team has worked on hundreds of B2B propositions, building a unique Proposition Mapping™ methodology for working with marketing, product, sales, and other stakeholders across the business.